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Her love might not cost a thing, but her gym bag will set you back a pretty penny.

replica birkin bag price On Wednesday, Jennifer Lopez stopped by Miami’s TruFusion gym for a workout with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, where she matched her neon-green Nikes with a bright yellow Hermès Kelly bag. The price of the pop icon’s purse? A cool $18,500.

birkin hermes bag replica J.Lo’s no stranger to stylish splurges, of course: In March, she and A-Rod picked up a $15 million Park Avenue penthouse together, and the “Dinero” singer prefers to unwind at a $35,000-per-night Mexican resort.

No word on whether the star stashed the rare handbag in a locker during her sweat session.

Inside, Lopez and Rodriguez worked out with 200 fit fans and a DJ spun tunes in the lobby.

Said a pal of the class where A-Rod worked out shirtless, “It was a giant party.”

Perhaps the couple will next turn up at a new TruFusion pop-up in the Hamptons?

replica hermes gypsy bag A rare, record-setting, diamond-encrusted, fuchsia Hermès Birkin could be among 284 luxury handbags seized from apartments belonging to the embattled ex-prime minister of Malaysia, according to reports.

replica black hermes bag The hundreds of designer bags turned up in a raid Thursday night of three luxury apartments at a Kuala Lumpur condominium owned by former Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak, the Straits Times reported.

kelly bag replica Najib’s second wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, owned a dozen different Birkins and was photographed carrying a fuschia version shortly after one was auctioned by Christie’s in Hong Kong, according to Singapore news site Today Online.

The pricey pink purse — which has white gold and diamond hardware — fetched $221,755 in June 2015, making it the most expensive bag sold at auction at the time.

It, along with nine other luxe bags, was bought by private Asian buyers.

replica hermes bag 2019 Najib’s residences were raided by police as part of an ongoing corruption probe, Al Jazeera reported. He’s being investigated by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad over an investment fund, 1Malaysia Development Berhad, which is accused of stealing more than $4.5 billion.

Some of that cash wound up in Najib’s personal bank account.

hermes bracelet replica Authorities hauled off dozens of Birkins tucked in their signature orange boxes with descriptions scrawled on the outside, like “H-bag Fuschia Pink Croco Skin Hermes” and “Fuschia Pink Croco skin Hermes w/ Diamante.”

Also seized were a Samsung TV, clothes, gifts, and documents.

birkin replica Last year, a white Niloticus Crocodile Himalaya Birkin — which is encrusted with 240 diamonds on 18-karat gold hardware — became the most expensive handbag sold at auction when it fetched $379,261.

Christie’s estimated only one or two Himalaya Birkins are made each year.

A standard Birkin – named for English-French actress Jane Birkin – starts at a modest $10,000. The highly coveted handbags often times have months- or years-long waiting lists, according to CNBC.

Spice Girl Victoria Beckham reportedly has a collection of 100 Birkins worth $2 million.


A rare Hermès Birkin bag sold at auction early Wednesday morning at Christie’s in Hong Kong for a whopping $382,000 USD.

It’s set a record as the priciest handbag ever sold at auction.

In 2016, a similar style was scooped up at Christie’s for around $377,000.

The coveted purse — which costs as much as a studio apartment on the Upper East Side — is the Niloticus Crocodile Himalaya Birkin 30.

It features diamond-encrusted hardware and has been dubbed the “Himalaya” because the delicate gradation of color from smoky gray to pearly white resembles the snow-capped mountain range.

hermes sandals replica One might have a better chance of climbing to the top of the Mount Everest than scoring one of its namesake bags: They’re considered the rarest of Birkins. The French luxury goods company reportedly only makes one or two each year.

replica hermes birkin bag price 2019 Matthew Rubinger, the international head of handbags and accessories at Christie’s, tells the South China Morning Post that the “extreme rarity, iconic status, and craftsmanship” has continued to send Himalaya Birkin prices into another stratosphere.


best hermes replica When it comes to handbag investment, count on the Birkin to increase in value. Hard to purchase, exquisitely crafted, and coveted by the well-heeled, it can command stratospheric prices at auctions. Last year, a buyer forked out US$379,261 (S$510,000) for a matte white Himalaya Niloticus crocodile Birkin 30 at a Christie’s auction in Hong Kong, making it the most expensive handbag sold at such events. The price of a new Birkin ranges from US$10,000 to US$150,000.

hermes belt replica The Himalaya, of which one or two is produced annually by Hermes, will again lead the charge in the Christie’s handbag and accessories sale in Hong Kong on May 30. The bag is a matte grey Niloticus crocodile Birkin 35, 5cm larger than last year’s eye-popper and features shades of grey to represent the color of the mountain range. The starting price is US$70,000.

replica hermes birkin bag price But there’s more in the cache, and more options for men – a response to an uptick in demand in this sector, according to Winsy Tsang, head of sale, handbags and accessories, Christie’s Asia. The sale includes products from Louis Vuitton and Louis Vuitton by Supreme, but Hermes bags dominate all around.

When a second-hand Hermes bag can get you better returns than gold

Asia alone accounts for 46 percent sale of the luxury handbags, followed by the US at 30 percent; whereas Europe, the Middle East and Africa accounted for 24 percent.

replica hermes duffle bag “For a positive return on investment, numbered and limited edition pieces will stand out as they are only created in a very limited run. The fewer pieces exist on the secondary market, the more than a collector will spend to get a hold of it” added Koffsky.

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How you can bag a profit by splurging on an expensive designer handbag

hermes kelly replica Don’t think of that Hermes Birkin as an outrageous indulgence – a costly handbag could be a great investment if you follow this advice before shelling out the cash, and provided you can bear to part with it one day

replica hermes twilly With increases in VAT, petrol and daily consumables, you’d think South Africans would be applying the brakes on their spending. Actually, the opposite is true. Every day more individuals are diving into the luxury goods market, and they can afford to do so by purchasing pre-owned.

fake hermes belt In the past, getting access to these items would have been an issue because they simply weren’t sold in South Africa. But since the opening of our market and, more importantly, the creation of online shops that will deliver worldwide, more people are now able and willing to spend money on these items. And there is nothing more desirable than a luxury handbag.

So, now that South African fashionistas can get their hands on bags they could only dream of in the past, here are a number of facts you need to know when purchasing these luxury goods.


hermes blanket replica While it might seem like an unlikely option for an investment, there’s ample evidence that the right purchase can bear fruit. According to JustCollecting’s 2016 Rare Handbag Index, a pre-owned Chanel 2.55 Medium Classic Flap Bag increased in price by a huge 233.3% between 2004 and 2016.

replica hermes belt So, if you’re feeling a little sheepish about spending a large lump sum of capital on a designer item, do a little research and see if the item you’re planning on purchasing could be sold for a profit down the line.

kelly hermes bag replica And if you are planning to purchase the bag to sell it at a later stage, the South African pre-owned retail sector has come a long way. A simple Google search will reveal a number of secure online platforms where you can sell your item without the fear of being conned.


replica hermes taschen Designer items are all about the details. From the stitching of the lining to the placement of the logo, how everything comes together matters. An Hermés Birkin or Kelly bag takes up to 25 hours to make and each handbag is hand-sewn.

The materials matter, from the leather to the metal hardware, so when buying, make sure you choose an item with elements that will last and aren’t prone to deterioration.

replica hermes belt bag Choosing an item that ages well will ensure that you can sell it on many years later. The Hermés Birkin is predicted to double its value in 10 years because it has a limited production cycle and is sold only from Hermés stores, so buying one could be a fabulous investment.

According to Bag Hunter, the Birkin increased in value by more than 500% in the past 35 years, earning more than six times the return of gold stocks.


replica hermes side bag If you’re planning on purchasing a bag with a retail value close to that of an entry-level car, selecting a timeless color is important. While you may be tempted to purchase a bag that makes a statement and is in vogue right now, you really want your bag to last and to be an item that goes with any outfit.

replica hermes australia While the pre-owned luxury market doesn’t always give you the full range of available color options, just remember that a beautiful, pink Lady Dior bag by Christian Dior might not be the timeless fashion item you were looking for.

That being said, if you’re a bright pink Lady Dior person, then who are we to say no!


Beautiful designer items are expensive because they’re rare. Hermés bags can take six to 12 months to reach stores after the store manager has ordered them.

If you’re planning to buy a pre-owned bag, this means finding the right classifieds for your item and manually searching each one for your heart’s desire.

birkin bag replica If, however, you have a specific bag in mind, it would be wise to sign up to a number of mailing lists. For example, Luxury, South Africa’s largest source of pre-owned and authenticated luxury goods, will WhatsApp you when stock arrives, so you don’t need to spend valuable time scrolling through websites.

This is a long game, but it’s worth it so be patient.


hermes replica bags At the end of the day, the item needs to suit you and your lifestyle. While a timeless Chanel 2.55 Medium Classic Flap is beautiful and elegant, if you’re an individual who needs more in your larger-than-life lifestyle, then the roomy Louis Vuitton Neverfull would be the perfect option.

So, if you see an amazing bag that’s not only made from the right stuff but also suits your wardrobe and your life, then there’s no better time to treat yourself than the present!

replica hermes canada In case we needed further confirmation that the ‘90s are back, Kendall Jenner was spotted out in NYC over the weekend ahead of the 2018 Met Gala on Monday, May 7, wearing a lacy silk camisole that was serving up all sorts of sexy throwback vibes. Heading to lunch with bestie Hailey Baldwin, the reality star was the epitome of model-off-duty chic in slouchy Yeezy Season 5 jeans, menswear-inspired brogues, slender sunglasses and a mini Hermes bag — but it was her racy vintage came from What Goes Around Comes Around that has Us excited.

replica herme bag No longer reserved for the lingerie drawer, the catwalk queen was understatedly sexy in her plunging grey and black design that called to mind the ’90s-era wardrobes of OG supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss. Paired with mom jeans (another throwback staple!), the negligee-inspired top had a cute date-night vibe. But with summer weather right around the corner, we can see dressing up the style with a pencil skirt or wide-leg pants for a flirty take on workwear.

From simple silk designs to sexy lace styles, the options are endless when it comes to the elevated basic. Keep scrolling to see our favorite camisoles!

replica hermes usa Shanghai is a city that exists on fast forward. Click between images of its Pudong financial district in the late 80s and the 21st century, and the change is jaw-dropping – in a couple of decades, a seemingly quiet harbor has been transformed into a futuristic vista staggered with skyscrapers. Visit today, and you’ll find a place where cars fly along Ballardian superhighways, neon-lit towers reaching into the clouds display constantly revolving, technicolor advertisements, and everywhere you look, construction workers are flattening buildings to erect shining new ones.

replica hermes picotin The change was particularly striking for Hermès’ artistic director of menswear, Véronique Nichanian, who last week touched down in the city with one of her Men’s Universe events – traveling fashion shows which bring the world of the storied Paris-based house around the globe. Taking place in the sci-fi-esque China State Shipbuilding Corporation Pavilion on the city’s Huangpu River, the ‘Fast Forward’-themed evening included a fashion show of her SS18 collection (modelled on some local personalities alongside an international cast); a games room boasting old-school arcade machines; custom Hermès VR headsets; a bar surrounded by spacesuits, and a laboratory full of test tubes and precisely placed product.

replica hermes belts With its tunnel of lights and 60s-style furniture, the setting was like something out of 2001: A Space Odyssey. “Retro-futuristic,” sums up Nichanian, citing the aforementioned Kubrick epic as well as Ridley Scott’s 1982 film Blade Runner as reference points. “I was imagining a crazy spaceship from Hermès coming in and landing!” The designer – who has been at Hermès for a staggering 30 years – first put on an event in Shanghai a decade ago and was thrilled to see how the city had changed. “I’m very excited about how fast China moves; I thought it was exactly the right place to talk about speed,” she says.

hermes birkin replica Speed, modernity, and futurism are one thing (and appropriate concepts when considering the world of fashion) but Shanghai also has its history. At the center of the city is the French Concession – bustling tree-lined streets of the former-French settlement along which people ride bicycles and laundry hangs in alleyways. “This is the heart of Shanghai,” Nichanian surmises. “There’s the old and the new here – so for me, it’s a metaphor of Hermès. The roots of Hermès, the quality and the past, are now going towards innovation and modernity.”

replica hermes bag 2018 Hermès was founded by harnessmaker Thierry Hermès in 1837, introduced bags and clothing in the 1920s, and its iconic silk scarves in 1937. Today, it’s run by Axel Dumas, a sixth generation member of the founding family, and boasts over 300 stores around the world. Despite its scale, the house juggles international growth with real integrity – the value placed on its heritage and the traditions of its craftsmanship remain immovably at the heart of the business. If you’ve ever read up on how difficult it can be to buy a Birkin bag (introduced by Jean-Louis Dumas in 1984, and handmade by incredibly skilled artisans just outside of Paris), you’ll know that this isn’t a company keen to flog as much product as possible, as fast as possible, and for as high a price tag as possible. Hermès does things differently, and it pays off – the Birkins are supposedly a better investment than gold.

birkin bag hermes replica Still, despite its storied heritage, with iconic signatures (from the chaîne d’ancre bracelet, introduced in 1938, to the 1949 collier de chine) forming the backbone of the brand, modernity is central to the house. It’s best expressed for Nichanian in terms of textile innovations. “I go to the factory and I work with them to try and do exactly what I want,” she explains. “Maybe they say it’s not possible, and I say let’s try again, let’s find another way. It’s like in chemistry, sometimes you get something you didn’t expect – it’s about experimentation.” This experimentation doesn’t always happen overnight – the brand could be pioneering a fabric for two years – but this doesn’t faze Nichanian and her team. What matters is the final result. “At Hermès it’s not a question of time,” she says simply. “We take time to do things well.” This could be the house’s motto, so important is its sentiment. “It’s not because it’s expensive that makes it luxury. Luxury for me is excellence and time,” asserts Nichanian. “Time doing the things in the best way and the excellence of choosing the best material. The price should be the result of all these things and not the opposite.”

hermes bag replica In this way, Hermès feels a lot like the antithesis to the fashion industry of today, where a hoodie can set you back several hundred pounds for no better reason than the brand name stamped on it. Despite the frenzied enthusiasm that exists around many of its products, the house remains about as removed from the cycle of hype as you can get – Nichanian’s three-decade tenure is a testament to that. “This changing every year or six months,” she says of the industry’s designer switch-around, “I think it contributes to the acceleration (of fashion).” That acceleration is counter-intuitive to what Hermès is – it doesn’t want to sell you something new every five minutes that you’ll be bored of by next week – it wants to sell you something you’ll treasure for life.

replica hermes birkin price “We really take care of the planet or the way we are doing things, the way the people are working,” says Nichanian – with the formation of Petit h, the product line made entirely of reused scrap materials, an impressive example of this. “It’s responsibility and honesty. I’m sure that means a lot for the young generation, much more than somebody on Instagram just (making) fashion for fashion’s (sake) and to sell more things.” Even in the midst of one of the most modern cities on earth, the values of Hermès are immovable – alongside the VR and an impressive dance performance choreographed by Yoann Bourgeois, the event also featured an artisan at a bench, carefully crafting away. “We know who we are, we know where we are going and we pay attention doing the things we are doing,” Nichanian concludes. “We don’t play the same game.”

Luxury buyers definitely have a thing for diamond-encrusted Hermes bags.

A matte white Himalaya Niloticus crocodile diamond Birkin 30 handbag was sold Wednesday in Hong Kong for over $377,000, making it the most expensive handbag ever sold at auction.

Christie’s said the Hermes bag, which boasts 18 karats white gold and diamond hardware, was purchased by an unidentified buyer after 15 minutes of “intense” bidding.

It’s not the first Birkin 30 to command an eye-popping price. Christie’s last year auctioned a similar bag in Hong Kong for $300,000 — a record at the time.

The bags look nearly identical, but they have subtle differences: The bag sold Wednesday is encrusted with higher grade diamonds and features more gold.

Luxury connoisseurs consider Birkin bags to be the ultimate status symbols, typically reserved for celebrities and the super-rich.

Hermes doesn’t disclose how many Diamond Himalaya bags it produces, But Christie’s estimates that only one or two are made each year.

Even if you have the money, buying one is difficult: The auction house said there is a six-year waiting list to buy a new one.

The product line’s first bag, inspired by style icon Jane Birkin, was designed nearly 30 years ago.

Birkin, who is now 70, recently told the BBC she rarely uses the bag. She said that she often overfills the bag, making it “very heavy.”

In 2015, Birkin asked Hermes to remove her name from the bags, because she was troubled by the “cruel practices” used to kill the crocodiles for the bags.

She later said she was satisfied by Hermes commitment to the ethical treatment of animals.

The Birkin Bag That Returns Every Year to Haunt Us

hermes bag price replica Once again, the good citizens of the internet have received a visitation from a ghostly white handbag known as the Hermès Himalaya crocodile Birkin. The New York Post reports that the white gold and diamond-encrusted bag just sold at Christie’s in Hong Kong for $382,000, becoming “the priciest handbag ever sold at auction.”

hermes bags replica Ever, except — and here’s the spooky part — a version of the same ultra-rare Birkin made headlines in June for selling for $379,261, “making it the most expensive handbag ever sold at auction.” In May 2016, a diamond Himalaya Birkin went for $300,168, “making it the most expensive handbag ever sold at auction.” Unnerving.

replica hermes birkin 35 The Himalaya Birkin is so named because to quote the Christie’s website, “the smoky grey fades into a pearly white, resembling the majestic, snow-capped Himalayas.” Dyeing crocodile skin that color is very difficult and Hermès produces only one or two of them a year, hence their rarity and price.

replica birkin bag hermes price list In 2014, a Himalaya Birkin surfaced on 1stdibs thanks to a dealer called JaneFinds. “This is arguably the rarest, most spectacular, and most jaw-dropping Birkin to ever be made, and it is likely the only time a bag of this caliber will be offered on the luxury resale market,” she told Vogue at the time.

And yet it was not. Who will free the spirit of the Himalaya Birkin, doomed to bounce back and forth between auction houses, stirring up luxury-interest headlines, for all of eternity?

Her very first Hermès was a Blue Jean Birkin bag with white stitches, worth more than £17,000, but now former flight attendant Jamie Chua boasts more than 200.

replica garden party hermes Singapore resident and mother-of-two Jamie, 42, is a socialite and skincare entrepreneur who hit the headlines when she married Indonesian multi-millionaire Nurdian Cuaca after meeting him as he traveled in business class.

replica birkin bag price And since they married she’s set about amassing an impressive collection of bags worth millions. With prices starting at £8,000 for a Birkin, her collection is worth at least £1.6M and possibly much more, when rare pieces that can fetch up to £40,000 are taken into account.

birkin hermes bag replica During their divorce in 2011 Jamie demanded more than £187,000 a month in maintenance payments and while the eventual settlement remains undisclosed, it’s enough to pay for luxuries such as refurbishing the walk-in closet where her collection of Hermes and Chanel bags reside.

The former couple shares two children Cleveland, 21, and Calista, 17, but Jamie could easily pass for her daughter’s slightly older sister despite being in her 40s.

replica hermes gypsy bag She maintains her very youthful appearance by spending almost £8,000 on beauty treatments a month, including hair, nails, massages, facials and a cryosculpting treatment twice weekly to maintain her slim figure.

‘It is so much more convenient for me especially when I’m in a rush, which is most of the time,’ she said.

‘Before this, my wardrobe was really cluttered, there were shoes everywhere. I couldn’t see all my bags at once.’

Her other favorite accessory is shoes and has hundreds of designer pairs.

‘When the shoe fits, get it in every color,’ she said. ‘I truly have a weakness like all women do.’

Jamie regularly shares glimpses into her enviable life and wardrobe with her 478,00 Instagram followers and admits that she goes to great lengths to ensure she gets the perfect snaps.

Two full-time maids travel everywhere with her and they’re tasked with taking photos of their employer for social media, over and over until she’s happy they’ve captured the perfect shot.